My Home History Page

This page is dedicated to my beloved father, mother and grandfather. They have made me the man I am today and have taught me the adventures of the Seas. I grew up in a World of Fishing, and through the lessons and experiences I have had with them,  I can say fishing has been and still is one of my great passions. These photos show my life as a child and the memories that will last forever.

Esta página se la dedico con todo corazón a mi Madre, Beatriz, my Padre, Augusto y mi Abuelo Erick, Ellos me enseñaron desde niño a buscar las aventuras del Mar y la Pesca. Aqui en estas fotos vemos los bonitos recuerdos de mi familia sobre  desde que éramos niños.

Collection of Rods & Reels, as you see FIN-NOR was my Dad's collection, always the Best!. Also Dad's passion was to design and made his own Stanley Steel Reels evert build as well.